Step 6

Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

1. What are the hard-to-handle beliefs, behaviors, feelings, wants, or needs that you're struggling with right now? You may want to begin affirming that you are becoming ready to let go of these issues.

2. How would it make your life different if you believed that you could just relax and let this process called recovery happen to you?

3. Make a list of everything you would like changed about yourself. Include on it the things you would like to stop doing, things you would like to start doing, any family-of-origin work you'd like to accomplish, things you'd like to get and have. Put everything you can think of on the list, everything you'd like to be part of your future. Then put the list away and let go of everything on it.

4. Do you believe it's safe to trust God and this process called recovery?