Days 94-95

Post date: Sep 29, 2016 8:27:09 PM


I'm finding it really hard not to worry. On Friday, my youngest daughter made a choice to walk home after a football game. We only live 1/2 mile up the street. A very busy street.

About half way home, a man in a white van pulled up beside her, turned on his hazard lights, got out of the van, opened up the back doors, and came towards my daughter. At that point she ran towards home. The guy got back into the van and drove beside her for a while as she ran home.

Many things about this disturb me. He knows where she lives. We called the police on Monday, to make a report. The police officer found it disturbing the man got out of his van. There are those that watch and those who act. He was one who was acting. I was ok, until that point. Thinking about him opening up the back of his van, has made the situation hard for me.

I haven't slept much. I'm so very tired. So many students walk home by themselves, around here, and it isn't safe. The man didn't do anything, so technically nothing can be done to him.

In this crisis, I don't know what to do. I'm upset. I'm worried. I know worrying doesn't change anything. I guess fearful is a better word. The girls aren't allowed to walk home alone. They are not allowed to be home alone. Pepper spray has been ordered.

Legions of Angels protecting my daughter. For that I am so very thankful. It could have been so much worse.

Did I mention I'm tired? This is why I don't watch horror movies. I need a nap.