Days 433 - 439

Post date: Sep 8, 2017 12:50:56 PM


Letting go. It's a scary thing. At a recent CoDA meeting, a person talked about what it was like to be fighting against God's will. She said it was like trudging through muck, unable to really move forward, often standing still, spending more time than necessary wondering why. And then, when you turn your life over to God, it's a running to catch up to all the blessings He's putting in front of you.

I believe this is true. To truly be in recovery, you are going to have to shut some doors. You may have to slam some shut, add a deadbolt, nails, and a solid wooden beam. You may not realize it, but you are carrying around a load of burden with these open doors. The second you decide to close them, the burden disappears. Many keep the doors open because of obligation. If the open door is destroying your sense of well being then there is no obligation or duty. If you are unable to love and care for yourself, then you are unable to do much else.

Now, I'm not talking about divorce. I'm talking about activities in which you may feel obligated to continue, even though they bring you nothing but pain and grief. Shut the door. Walk away. Find joy. It is OK to say no. Set boundaries.

I've seen this happen to people I love. I see the joy when God opens new doors. I see joy as they walk through those doors, knowing what they are getting is better than what they had.

But it is scary. That's were trust comes in. As a codependent, we don't trust. We don't know how. Sad, but true. Surrendering your will to God is all about trust. If ANYONE knows what is best for your life, it is God. He knows you better than anyone on this earth. He WANTS you to be happy. All you have to do is trust.

So today, examine all that you do. If there is no joy in an activity, stop. Find something new, or just be happy without that activity. God will open new doors, He always does.