Days 331 - 344

Post date: Jun 5, 2017 8:49:39 PM


Eleven months! WOW! I'm sitting in my after camp, remembering how much my life was a mess last year. I was in a really bad place. My life was falling apart. I had given up hope of ever being happy. I was oh so broken and didn't even think I was the problem. Now, I'm less than a month away from my year anniversary.

This weekend was a ground breaking time for me. I actually went camping, like in a tent camping. Now, this might sound like something simple, but being outside, not doing anything is a total waste of codependent's time. I hated just sitting. I complained about any outings. What was the point? I had so much to do and whatever it was we were doing wasn't what I needed to do. I had a very restful weekend, even though I didn't sleep much. Blow up beds are not the most comfortable beds. I still had a blast. Sometimes it's just great to sit and be.

I was able to spend a few days getting to know my husband better. You'd think after 25 years I'd know everything about him. Well, for those 25 years, I was too busy being pissed off to actually get to know anyone. I pushed away those who loved me and didn't want to get to know anything about those I loved. It is amazing to get to know the people living in my home. They are truly remarkable people.

I really have no stress in my life. It used to be the end of the school year was so very stressful. It wasn't stressful at all this year. I asked for help and did what I could. I'm sure things could have gone better, but they went well.

I'm thinking of starting a pod cast and maybe writing a book. I'm hoping to start a club next year to help support kids. I feel like I'm being pulled in the direction of helping others with codependency. NOT because I'm a codependent and get joy from it, but because I want to be a good steward of what I've learned.

I'd love your thoughts! Crazy doesn't have to be your way of life!