Days 225 - 231

Post date: Feb 12, 2017 10:02:35 PM


I learned the most horrible thing you can ever say to someone. Sadly, I say it all the time. "I don't care."

Do you say it? Why?

There is honestly very little I don't care about. I said it today, twice, apparently, and it didn't even register I had said it. I was too upset about something to keep control over what flew out of my mouth.

Then, walking to church from the parking lot, I said something rude to my daughter. I was already upset and she'd asked a question and I reacted. She stomped off and yelled, "Whatever. I don't care. I just don't care." And it hurt. Boy did it hurt. It felt more like a slap in the face and less like a flippant statement. She didn't care. Only, she did care, a lot. I had said something rude to her and she was only trying to help. I had hurt her. I apologized after sacrament, she apologized too.

The things I learn on a random Sunday. Don't ever say the words "I don't care." Ever. I do care. A lot. May I never, ever, ever, ever say those words again.