Day 73

Post date: Sep 7, 2016 2:31:04 PM


So I followed my own advice and actually went back and looked at my Characteristics of Codependent People.

I copied my old list and pasted it to the end of the document, so I would have a beginning point and a current point. I changed the highlighting of those I believe I've overcome. In the first block alone, I'm down to just two behaviors I believe I need to work on. I actually caught myself thinking, "Wait, did I do that? Why?"

Now, while I can't change the home I came from or all of the abuse I've endured, it no longer has to hurt me or define me as a person. It no longer has to make me a victim. I am strong. I am worth so much more than my upbringing.

I only made it through the first two sections, before I had to make dinner for my family. The list is a HUGE whale to swallow. I'll do it one bite at a time and get through it. I need to MAKE/TAKE the time to reflect and rejoice over what I can take off the list, as well as rededicate myself to what I need to change.

Progress is a good thing!

    • stay busy so they don't have to think about things.
  • became workaholics.

I think the key to my recovery is actually taking time to recover. I'm not super busy. I'm not involved in 20 things. It is ok to have quiet time and just think. Or not think at all. I was so busy trying to stay busy that I wasn't taking care of myself.

Upon completion of my list, I find that most of the items left have to deal with my relationships with those I love. That is a whole other blog.